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Registration Information 


Boy Scout Tour Permits are no longer needed to travel to Oshkosh. 

The 2018 Aviation Exploration Camp will be open from Saturday July 21 and close on Saturday July 28. You are welcome to stay as a post until Sunday.  If you stay, you will be on your own for lunch and dinner on Saturday and you will be scheduled to work on the flight line on Saturday and possibly Sunday.


Important Information

  • All youth are required to stay in tents and we have limited camping space, so please be respectful and share tents. Also be respectful of your tent sizes. 
  • Units are limited to 2 advisors for up to 3 youth, 3 advisors for 4 or 5 youth, 4 advisors for 6 or 7 youth, etc 
  • Coed Units must have male and female advisors
  • All posts must have 2 deep leadership for travel and while at camp
  • Electrical fees have increased this year
  • Your advisor will keep copies of your signature page and BSA medical forms. They will mail us the original and keep a copy for their travels. Please help them by giving them a copy and the original by June 1



  • Camper Fees: $190 for a full time camper and $150 for a part time camper (Youth is 14-20 and Adults are 21 and over)
  • Late Fees: $50 per camper
  • Electrical Fees:
    • If your RV/Trailer needs 15 amp service, you will be charged $75 fee for the week
    • If your RV/Trailer needs 30 amp service, you will be charged $100 fee for the week


** We request that everyone is in camp by 4:00 pm Saturday July 21 for dinner, camp orientation and flight line training. If you get there early, we may do a quick training for experienced campers and send out you to volunteer on the flight line**


Registration deadlines:

  • April 15: On-line camper registration and fees due
    • Late fees are $50 and will be added to your camp fee. 

June 15: All paper work is Due!!!!

  • What paperwork is due?
    • The camper signature page with all signatures 
    • BSA medical form 
    • You can attach a copy of your immunization record if you would like and include that with the form
    • We will accept BSA medical forms from 6-15-2017 to 6-15-2018. This will ensure we get all the paperwork by June 15. 
    • If you attended a Boy Scout Camp last year and you had your physical after June 15, 2017, we will accept that form.  
    • You can complete an immunization waiver form if needed. This form can be found on the BSA website.  
    • A copy of both sides of your medical insurance card (if you do not have one, please let us know)


Please mail all paperwork and checks made out to Aviation Exploration Base to;

Bonnie Clement at 27105 Pioneer Road, Wind Lake, WI 53185

You can contact Bonnie at her e-mail at


If you need help with on-line registration, please contact Carolyn at







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